About Us

Future Found is an innovative construction product which places a strong emphasis on performance, quality, teamwork and a ‘hands-on’ management approach to ensure client satisfaction. We have a strong record of house building since the early 1980s.
We’ve researched many ways of less costly building methods and spent the last few years adapting the Future Found Foundation System to ensure lower heating bills in family homes.  
We take a long-term view of business, investment and relationships.  Teamwork lies at the heart of our culture.  We work together with our clients, professional teams and our supply chain to develop innovative and value-adding solutions.
Our overriding focus is on performance.  We take our quality, safety and environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and pride ourselves on our standards and record.  Relationships have been the key to our past success and will be more important than ever in the future.  Our team is committed to working closely with you to deliver total satisfaction on your projects.

Proud to be certified by the BBA

  • Saves on time, labour and materials

  • Any foundation / floor will only take two to three days to complete

  • A 50% saving on the concrete used

  • Vast improvement on insulation in floors and cold bridge

  • Save machine time and spoil removal

  • Suitable for all ground conditions

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Kingsforth Road,
Rotherham S66 9HU,

t +44 7763 004991
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